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Dr. Jeffrey Allred is committed to provide his patients with the best dental service in San Marcos. His patients admire his ability to handle just about anything regarding dental issues, and his extensive experience and expertise is used to prevent big problems from ever happening. For years, Dr. Allred has been delivering cosmetic, implant and functional solutions to his patients and constantly seeks to improve his abilities.

Dr. Allred is extremely passionate about his job. No matter how complicated the problems he faces about his patients are, he always enjoys what he is doing. Understanding the importance of quality dental work, Dr. Allred uses only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to perform procedures in his office. He believes that it is important to treat his patients as he would like to be treated and strives to create a relaxing atmosphere in the office for them.

Some of his patients are afraid of getting dental work done, but Dr. Allred has developed special techniques in sedation dentistry for them. His experience and special methods of implant dentistry allow him to rescue even the most debilitated teeth, helping patients return to a life of enjoying dental health. All of the procedures and treatments are performed in the same office.

One of Dr. Allred's main goals is to always be abreast with new technologies and techniques. He believes the advanced learning and implementation of new technologies at the leading edge of dentistry is something that works in favor for his patients. Thus, patients can rest assured knowing that his work methods and knowledge in dentistry are in line with the most recent findings in this field.

A non-technical communication with patients also sets Dr. Allred apart from other dentists. He believes that patients need to completely understand the procedures and terminology, because their dental education plays an important role in their lives. If patients have trouble understanding how a procedure is done or how they should follow a treatment, Dr. Allred takes his time to explain everything in detail. Communication plays an important role in the relationship between him and his patients, and he always treats them as part of the family when they come in for their appointment.


Watch a quick video below of Dr. Allred spending time with patients.