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Gum disease caused Ken's teeth to require root canal's and ultimately implants. Watch a video of Ken explaining why he chose Dr. Allred to do his implants as well as all of his other dental needs for him and his whole family.


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Fear of the Dentist and neglect caused Kevin to seek out a full mouth makeover. Dr. Allred is so proud to have helped Kevin get his confidence and health back.

CASE STUDY - farrell

Not only did Farrell's teeth always hurt but never smiling because of the way her teeth looked was a daily burden. After coming to Dr. Allred for multiple treatments, she now gets compliments on her teeth regularly.


CASE STUDY - suzanne

Suzanne's transformation is stunning and the impact on her life has been profound. See what Dr. Allred did and how it has improved Suzanne's smile and health. 

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case study - gregory

Gregory's teeth were in "bad shape" before meeting Dr. Allred. After researching various Implant Dental Centers, Gregory chose Dr. Allred and is now beyond happy. 

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case study - corey

Corey travels all the way from the Island of Maui to have Dr. Allred restore his teeth. Watch Corey explain why he goes to such lengths to have Allred Dental perform his Teeth Implants.