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4 reasons patients come to allred dental


reason 1: time

The days of going to the dentist and actually getting to talk with your dentist longer than two minutes are long past. Today's dental offices are more like factories than doctors, pushing as many people though their doors as possible. Not at Allred Dental. Dr. Allred believes that each patient deserves as much time with their dentist as needed in order to understand treatment, review options, and to ask questions. In fact every patient at Allred Dental is guaranteed time with Dr. Allred to ask questions, explore treatment options and learn about why Dr. Allred is suggesting the treatment plan that he thinks is best. Dr. Allred also spends as much time as needed to create a "good, better, best" plan for each patient. Once the plan is created he sits with each patient to go over all of the treatment options and spends time explaining the plans and answering all questions. Watch Dr. Allred in action below.



Dr. Jeffrey Allred is committed to provide his patients with the best dental service in San Marcos. His patients admire his ability to handle just about any dental issue and his extensive experience and expertise is used to prevent big problems from ever happening. For years, Dr. Allred has been delivering cosmetic, implant and functional solutions to his patients and constantly seeks to improve his abilities.

Dr. Allred is extremely passionate about his job. No matter how complicated the problems he faces about his patients are, he always enjoys what he is doing and is determined to discover the root of the problem so that he can offer treatment solutions that solve the "real" problems. Understanding the importance of quality dental work, Dr. Allred uses only the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to perform procedures in his office. He believes that it is important to treat his patients as he would like to be treated.



Implant Dental is a big deal. Living with missing teeth and deteriorating smiles has a life changing impact on self esteem and dental health. Dr. Allred's passion is to help people overcome this life-changing dilemma and help restore happiness and confidence to anyone suffering from missing teeth. Learn more about the Allred Implant Dental Center here or watch one of Dr. Allred's patients explain for themselves why Dr. Allred is one of the top Implant Dentists in San Diego. 


Watch more of Dr. Allred's patients explain how the Allred Implant Dental Center in San Marcos has changed their lives. 

REASON 4: dr. allred is highly recommended by many patients

There are actually many more reasons why Patients love Dr. Allred. Check out some of the many reasons from real Allred Dental Patients.